Video shows register and purchase process

Payment Method:

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Deposit (Internet Transfer)
  • Cash On Pick up

Purchase Steps:

1. Register to be a user of Renovation D ONLINE, Sign in if you already got a account with us. * As we upgraded our website so all previous customer need to register again.

2. Select the item that you want to purchase, then add them to cart. You can access your shopping cart anytime by click on the cart logo on top of the page.

3. When you finish adding all the items you after click on check out to go to check out page. The postage cost will come up depends on your address. Please follow the instruction to choose payment method and finalise the order

*But if there is fragile or large item in your order the following page will up. in this case you will received a a postage quote update after you finalise the order, please make payment after that.

4. After you finalise the order the following page will come up, please click on PAYPAL or PAYNOW to access payment page.

5. If Paypal choose, following page will come up, follow the instruction to pay via credit card, if other payment method refer to step 6.

6. If Bankdeposit choose, following page will come up, click on CashOnPickUp or BankDeposit for payment instruction. Any question please contact us.